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1. What is the OneSys™ system?
* OneSys™ is a web-based policy management system catered for the property and casualty companies and managing general agents.
2. What can OneSys™ do for me?
* OneSys™ streamlines the policy processing, provides real-time changes, and provides a lower cost of ownership in operating the software.
3. What are specific product benefits?
* OneSys™ allows insurance companies and their managing general agents to work in line with the product. Managing general agents do the policy processing for the company and the company gets the data requirements needed for its reporting purposes.
4. What capabilities are included in OneSys™?
* Full-cycle integrated policy management
* Integrating rating system
* Automated policy form printing
* DMV reporting
* Premium accounting
* ISO® reporting
5. What information can I get using OneSys™?
* OneSys™ collects all information from application all the way to quotation including statistical. Any information entered is collected into a repository and can be queried off the system.
6. Is OneSys™ flexible enough to perform analysis and reporting?
* Yes.
7. Can OneSys™ be integrated with other software/systems?
* Yes. OneSys™ was developed in mind to accommodate constant changes in the industry and serve as a medium between insurance companies and managing general agents alike.
8. What are OneSys™ system requirements?
* OneSys™ requires Windows 2000+ Server with IIS and .NET Framework 1.1 installed. For database needs, it requires Microsoft SQL 2000+ Server.
9. Is OneSys™ customizable and/or scaleable?
* Yes.