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Systems Integration
Achieving results and implementing tailored solutions by integrating your existing core systems.
Our focus is on integrating your existing systems with your specific goals while endeavoring to eliminate another costly system that may not fit your individual needs. With our proven track record of systems integration experience, you can rely on us to provide you with knowledge and recommendations on a variety of systems and platforms. Our team of specialists is considered to be the best in their specific industry.
Building a long and trusted relationship so you consider us your strategic partner, makes for a mutually beneficial alliance. Overall, you will realize a high return on your investment, a substantial reduction in IT systems costs, and improved flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing market.
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Improving your quality of service and focusing on your core business capabilities.
Leading industry analysts agree that BPO can minimize capital outlay, as well as improve profitabiity and workflow productivity. This will better enable you to meet customer needs, and deal more effectively with the ever-changing, challenging business environment. Our goal is to empower you to realize (or experience) the benefits of BPO while maintaining control and minimizing the risks associated with outsourcing.
Custom Application Development
Utilizing the Microsoft .NET Framework, we provide application development that is flexible, cost efficient, and unique.
Customized applications are crucial to be at a competitive advantage. It provides unique solutions to address specific goals and achieve desirable results. "One client at a time" is our approach. Each client has different needs; therefore, a standardized, off-the-shelf approach is not what we offer. We provide the tools and expertise to manage the entire development cycle for you, delivering guaranteed solutions within your budget and your timeline. We provide an in-depth analysis, discussion and recommendation of solutions. Then we define the architecture, develop prototypes and methodologies, design the structure of development, build, validate, test, and launch the system. It does not end there, however. Training and support are available and part of our continued service to you.
Web Design and Development
Our dedicated team follows a proprietary development method to ensure the quality delivery of solutions tailor-made to your specific project objectives.
The internet has changed the way people exchange information and merchandise. Thus, it has changed the way people do business. Nowhere else is today's competition demanding the best choice, the greatest convenience, and the highest level of experience among the growing customer base. It is, therefore, advantageous to the bottom line of your business to leverage your web presence to enhance awareness, expand your market base, provide better customer service, and attract more repeat business.
Web Services
  • Corporate / Brand Image Site (for establishing online presence)
  • Promo / Contest Micro-Site (for an online promo; or offline promo with online component)
  • Product Macro-Site (for pushing flagship products/brands; for product showcasing)
  • Product Database Site (for presenting a wide product range via online catalogs)
  • e-Commerce Site (for full-fledged online business transactions)
  • Special Site Requirements (for back-end programming, front-end design, Flash-animated components, virtual shopping cart capabilities, and online transaction/payment systems)